Pre 1700s

Aphra Behn
This book reminded me of The Pilgrim's Progress.  If you have ever been unfortunate enough to read The Pilgrim's Progress, you know what my opinion is going to be.  This book sucked!  It was offensive to all sorts of people: there is something for everyone!  First off, the main character is an African (unclear as to where in Africa) prince who is actually quite attractive, according to the author, because he does not look like a black person.  Oroonoko gets sold into slavery, slavery being something he is okay with unless it happens to him.  The novel also centers around his lover, who is supposed to feel incredibly guilty for being raped.  I will not give away the ending, but suffice to say it is really offensive to women as well.  That was awful but the good news is we are starting the 1700s. Don't read this unless you are an alien because you are going to be offended if you are from our species.

RATING: *---- (it gets one star because it is short)

Interesting Facts:
The author actually worked as a spy for Charles II but was not paid properly so had to make a living writing.  For some reason, her writing was very successful and she was able to have a rewarding career.

There have been claims that this is the first English novel but they are widely disputed.