Monday, April 23, 2012

40. The Man of Feeling

The Man of Feeling
Henry Mackenzie

All right, so evidently, I am missing something here.  This "novel" is missing huge chunks of text on purpose so there is no smooth narrative action and everyone is okay with this????  I mean, what the hell even happened? What was the plot of this thing???

So apparently, this book is about Harley experiencing some stuff that was pretty boring.  It was really short and I didn't retain a lot of it.  Did anyone actually read this?  Skip it if you haven't.  If you had, I humbly request that you tell me what the hell that was about.

RATING: -----

Interesting Facts:

Inspired future Sentimental novels.

Reached its sixth edition in 1791.

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  1. No plot. This is all about exposing situations to move us emotionally. Emotional porn, if you will.
    Unfortunately it does not really work. Without that, there is nothing else.