Wednesday, August 15, 2012

48. 120 Days of Sodom

120 Days of Sodom
Marquis de Sade
Around 600 pages

All right, I am still figuring out this new computer and for some reason it is not letting me put any images up.  Perhaps it is self defense on the computer's part, for every picture concerning this novel is revolting.

Oh god.  What is there to even say?  That was the worst book I have ever read in my life.  It was disgusting and disturbing.  Let me give you a little history here.  This "novel" was written by a rapist in prison.  He has such perverse ideas that they coined a word after him.  Sadism.  Isn't that something?

People that like this book will say that people who don't like it just don't want to face the truth.  Just because I don't see the world like a sex offender does doesn't mean I am oblivious.  It means I am sane. Maybe he wrote this book to just shock people.  Well, newsflash: it does not take that much skill to do that.  In fact, right now I am wearing a hat, pajamas, and rain boots (I am doing some closet cleaning and was inspired).  If I went out in public like this, certainly I would surprise people.  Does that mean I am a genius?  Not hardly.

I realized I have not given you any idea of the plot.  Some crazy people capture a bunch of people to be their sex slaves.  You are then introduced to every weird fetish people have.  So?  I am not interested about what some twisted madman does in the bedroom.  I have no idea why this was on the list.  The ultimate gross out.

RATING: -----

Interesting Facts:

Part of the book is written in draft form since he never had the chance to finish it.  At least it goes by faster once you hit that part.

Written in the Bastille.  When the Bastille was stormed during the French Revolution, the Marquis believed his work was lost forever.  If only.

God, the movie adaptation of this book is on my movie list.  It never ends.

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