Tuesday, February 12, 2013

63. The Absentee

The Absentee
Maria Edgeworth
Around 200 pages

For some reason I am having a really hard time writing this post.  I have literally just been staring at the screen for the last ten minutes, trying to think of a sentence to write.  While this may be due to lack of caffeine, I think it is because this book made absolutely no impression on me.  Still, your fearless blogger will try to come up with a few points, even though you are likely to never encounter this novel in your entire life.

This is the story of Lord Calambre, an Irish born gentleman.  His mother has tried for years to deny her Irish heritage and join the London social scene, but her desperation to fit in makes her the subject of ridicule in society.  His father is deeply in debt, mostly because of his mother.  Not surprisingly, Lord Calambre does not want to stick around and returns to Ireland.  He wants to marry his cousin Grace, but finds out that she is illegitimate so ditches her and goes after other women.  Will true love triumph over Lord Calambre being an ass?  Read it to find out!

Actually, don't read it.  It is semi interesting to see how the Irish were looked down upon by Londoners.  In fact, Ireland seemed to be little more than a real estate opportunity to most of the characters in this book.  Still, the romance is unemotional and contrived; I feel like Edgeworth just wanted a reason to write about the prejudice so came up with a tired love story to serve her purpose.  Not worth a read.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

It is free on Amazon?  I don't know there are really not a lot of facts out there on this novel.

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