Friday, April 19, 2013

75. The Albigenses

The Albigenses
Charles Maturin
Around 300 pages

All right, that 300 pages thing is a total lie; the only reason I put that up because my version was in extremely large print for some reason so I don't have an accurate idea of a page count.  All I know is that my book was divided into four volumes and it took me four weeks to finish.

This post won't be very long.  For one thing, no one has heard about this book and it is unlikely you will ever come across it.  For another thing, it is not a hidden gem that deserves to be removed from the dredges of obscurity.

This book is a romance about the religious wars during the Middle Ages.  Now before you think you can gain some knowledge from reading this book, the novel is filled with flaws and historical inconsistencies.

Yikes.  There is not much I liked about this novel.  It reads like a very poor imitation of Sir Walter Scott and is both sexist and boring.  Just overall a fail and I cannot believe that it would be mentioned in The Book.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

No facts for this one, sorry.  Well deserved obscurity.

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