Sunday, February 16, 2020

216. Some Experiences of an Irish PM

Some Experiences of an Irish PM
Somerville and Ross
Around 200 pages

I know the anticipation of this day has caused a lot of a sleepless nights for my readers, and I apologize. We can all rest easier knowing the time has finally arrived: I have finished the 1800s. Of course, my haterz might point out that I have not read the pre-1900s books across all editions. Also, it's slightly ridiculous that this milestone comes as early as 216. I'm still excited though.

Major Sinclair Yeates is an Englishman who moves to Ireland (while it was still part of the UK) to become the new Resident Magistrate. He is put off by the more relaxed manners of the country, but quickly realizes he shouldn't underestimate the locals. I swear it is less Deliverance-y than it sounds.

This was a fun romp that reminded me of PG Wodehouse. I prefer their other novel, The Real Charlotte, just because I felt the characters were more sharply drawn in RC; no one here was particularly memorable. Still, this was fun, and I like stories that center on English/Irish relations.

It's weird that this is the novel that is closing out the 1800s. I'll give a better tribute to this century in a little bit. Stay tuned...

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

A television adaptation was made in the 80s.

UP NEXT: Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser. Welcome to the 20th Century!

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