Monday, May 23, 2011

14. Tale of a Tub

Tale of a Tub
Jonathan Swift

Wow.  That "novel" was a piece of shit. When you read a book it is supposed to be edited!  You should not be subjected to everything that may enter the author's mind at that time.  This book was stupid and boring and just altogether the worst.

This loose story which maybe is about 20% of the book (the other 80% being his ramblings) is about three brothers who are actually allegories for the Church of England, the Catholic Church, and the Baptist Church.  First of all, can you think of a more boring allegory?  I mean seriously, I LOVE talking about religion but this is ridiculous!  When the writer was actually on task with the book (which was very rare) it felt like I was reading a text book.  Furthermore, he added this second part which isn't even part of The Tale of a Tub.  It is called the battle of the books and I actually read like 20 pages.  It was not even part of the fucking book.  That's right, I actually read more of this than I had to.  FML.

RATING: -----

Interesting (that is NOT the word for this book) Facts:

The word "tub" is actually a pun on Swift's position in the clergy.  I know you are cracking up right now.

Queen Anne found this book very offensive and it damaged Swift's position in the Church of England.  He deserves it.

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