Friday, July 15, 2011

20. Modest Proposal

Modest Proposal
Jonathan Swift

If you read my last review, you probably think I am going to tear this apart. I liked it though.  This is the first book on the list so far that I had read before I attempted this crazy goal.  It is a mere eight pages and actually conveyed meanings rather than just packing punches like other Swift novels.

I would be surprised if you had never read this in high school, but if you haven't, here is the premise.  Swift suggests that we should eat children to solve the problems of poverty and overpopulation.  He is, of course, not being serious (apparently when it was published people really did not get that).

Few books up to this point have been laugh-out-loud funny but this one certainly was.  The size also helped.  I get sick of Swift and his smarminess after over two hundred pages of pointless rants.  Definitely worth the ten minutes it takes.

RATING: ***--

Interesting Facts:

The milestone of twenty has been reached!

Swift's novel made fun of all the illogical solutions that people were coming up with during the times.

Parts of this were read on The Colbert Report which is indeed worth mentioning.

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