Sunday, July 17, 2011

21. Joseph Andrews

Joseph Andrews
Henry Fielding

I was astonished by how much I enjoyed this book seeing how no one I know has ever heard of it.  Including me.  However, this has been my second favorite book so far (second of course to Don Quixote). The books are actually quite similar and there are numerous references to my old favorite in the text.

This novel is about a handsome fellow named Joseph Andrews (who I pictured as Ewan McGregor from the description).  He is in love with, get this, Fanny Goodwill.  He has many adventures which include really interesting and unpredictable twists.  It is really hard to surprise the audience when your book is almost 300 years old but old Henry does it.

I really loved this book but to be fair, I should address other people's complaints about it.  For one, I have read that people thought it was boring.  I did not get that at all and this book is really short.  How come this is short but Gargantua and Pantagruel was like 700 pages?  But I am digressing.... The book is also pretty sexist but you cannot expect much from a book from the 1700s.  It also is really Christian which always annoys the shit out of me but it is worth it.  Definitely worth it.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

One of the characters is named Lady Booby. HEHE!

Fielding develops one of the first London police forces.

Sorry about the serious post.  Rough day...

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