Sunday, October 27, 2013

92. Martin Chuzzlewit

Martin Chuzzlewit
Charles Dickens
Around 800 pages

YES!  I am finally free! I have had this 800 page yawn on my desk for about two and a half weeks now and I dreaded every time I had to open it.  I am so relieved to have this one pound weight of my chest.  On a side note, for Halloween I ended up reading The Collector and Perfume but I am afraid that you won't get those reviews for three thousand years since they were 20th century works (by the way, thanks for all the suggestions last post no one!).

I do not have a whole lot to say about this novel, mostly because all my complaints are pretty much reruns.  We all know I feel about Dickens' incredibly dull writing style.  We also have the token miserly old man which is an archetype that I am getting quite sick of; but again, I think I mentioned that before.

All right, this a picaresque novel (throwback!) about Martin Chuzzlewit who falls in love with Mary, his father's nursemaid.  His father is quite upset about this because then Mary might try to kill him so that they can get their inheritance from him, I guess?  This is when I started paying less attention to the story and more attention to the different ways I could destroy the novel (my favorite being dissolving it in acid).

I was starting to change my opinion of Dickens.  I mean, I knew I would never love the guy but after Nicholas Nickelby, I thought we at least had some kind of grudging respect thing going on.  No such luck and now I hate him more than ever.

RATING: *----

Interesting Facts:

Dickens attacked America (well, we hate you too) and slavery in his novel.

Referenced in The Simpsons.

Short clip of the BBC miniseries:

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