Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Announcement!

Just wanted to announce that I will be participated in two more 1001 blogs.  I will be blogging with my best friend, Brie, and tracking the 1001 Paintings and the 1001 Albums.  I think I have a clinical obsession with these books and should just embrace it.  Those blogs will be up and running shortly, and if you are interested, you can reach them by clicking the links under "My Other Blogs" section.  But if you are strictly in this for the books, I will be updating this blog with Love in Excess shortly.
Until then,


  1. I have one called "1001 Restaurants you must experience before you die". Very tempting, but most of them are likely closed again before you are halfway through.

    1. That does sound tempting! Are there any near you?