Monday, September 26, 2011

25. The Adventures of Roderick Random

The Adventures of Roderick Random
Tobias Smollett

I had a really weird experience getting this book.  I ordered it off Amazon and the book that was delivered started on chapter 47.  It doesn't say anywhere that it was a two volume set but whatever.  I ended up having to read the first half electronically (yuck!).  So just be warned if you want to buy this.  I have no idea why you would want to though.

This book is described as being quixotic so I was super excited.  The main character, Roderick, is completely unlikable.  I have read good books with anti-heroes but I think you were supposed to like him.  The author didn't seem able to make up his mind on that front.  The adventures that he partook in were just as frivolous as Don Quixote's but not funny at all.  I just kind of felt like I was reading pointless, boring trash.

Roderick was a major womanizer and yet you were supposed to be utterly enthusiastic about his love story.  Smollett also snuck in some random stories like Cervantes did but they were a lot less entertaining.  This whole book was a hit and a miss.  It was also a waste of my time.  The next one is supposed to be great though...

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

This is partly based on Smollett's own experiences as a naval surgeon.

Amazon can no longer be trusted.

No videos, aren't you used to it?

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