Friday, December 23, 2011

31. Candide


Look at me, doing two book posts in one day.  I actually just finished Candide; it took me about an hour.  I was listening to the Beatles White Album and didn't even finish the album.  You have to admire Voltaire's directness.

I found this novella extremely startling.  For one thing, I have become accustomed to reading happy, light novels on the list that all end in harmony.  This book was really disturbing.  The characters in this book are raped, tortured, killed, robbed, and enslaved.  I was also surprised because my prior knowledge of the book was flawed.  In high school, my world studies teacher said that by praising England in Candide, Voltaire was able to simultaneously condemn France.  Do you guys agree with that?  Voltaire seemed to attack England as well.  Actually, Voltaire pretty much attacked everything that had mass.

Like I said, this story was really depressing.  However, I really liked it.  Candide slowly loses his optimism as he experiences complete calamities.  His mentor, though, thinks that everything turns out for the best and that a preestablished philosophy is the best kind.  Something to think about.

RATING: ****-

Interesting Facts:

It is pronounced like Can-deed, right?

There are so many for this one that I might as well give you the link to the Wikipedia.  Click here for some interesting reading.

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  1. I think, being French, Voltaire naturally aims at France, but Voltaire moved around a lot and managed to insult everyone in the process, so yeah, everybody gets a punch from him, also the British.