Sunday, January 12, 2014

106. Moby-Dick

Herman Melville
Around 1500 pages

Another terrible book but hey, at least it is only 1500 pages right?  Fortunately, I had already conquered this particular literary obstacle in high school.

The story sounds interesting enough but if you are expecting anything like Jaws, you are sorely mistaken.  Actually, the most interesting thing about this novel is the beginning when Ishmael agrees to share a bed with a strange man.  I mean, I know it is a different time but what? Anyway, after sleeping together Ishmael and Queequeg are great friends and board the Pequod, captained by Captain Ahab.  Ahab, as everybody knows, is obsessed with catching Moby-Dick.

This novel is shockingly dull.  I mean, when you read an entire chapter that is devoted to the color white, you realize that Melville simply wants to talk and unfortunately, you are stuck listening.  Unfortunately, this is one of those books that everyone feels like they have to read.  God help us all.

RATING: **---

Interesting Facts:

Received scathing reviews upon first release.

UP NEXT: House of Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  Ugh.


  1. I do not understand why this book is included in the list!! Why, why? I tried to read it years ago and I am so glad I decided not to...I had lovely hours saved!

  2. It really is pretty dire isn't it?
    I' not even sure if I've managed to finish reading it.. or if I have reached the end how many pages I've just skipped...

    1. I love that you are commenting on my book blog now! This was just awful.