Wednesday, May 4, 2011

10. Don Quixote

Don Quixote
Miguel de Cervantes  

First of all, to save yourself embarrassment it is pronounced "key-oh-tee."  I had someone ask me what I thought of Don "quiz-ox" and they sounded like a freaking moron.  
I practically did a dance when I read this.  It was wonderful.  So many different characters drifted through this book and I became attached to all of them.  I felt like something had been taken away from me when I finished.  It was very sad. 
RATING: ***** 


  1. I am eager to read this book---as soon as I finish my current book, the last Spenser novel by Robert Parker, I will read this. It is waiting for me on my desk.

  2. I have never read Spenser but I do know that Don Quixote might be one of my favorite books so get cracking!

  3. Loved it as well. Best book on the List so far. It is indeed sad to finish it.
    Favorite joke: Quixote pleading Sancho to get on with his self-lashing. Priceless.