Wednesday, May 4, 2011

9. The Unfortunate Traveller

The Unfortunate Traveller
Thomas Nashe
I was rubber and this book was glue.  When I think back to what this book was about all I hear is white noise.  I remember the gruesome rape but that is about it.  That was awful.  This story is about a traitless character who just bounces around doing nothing.  I am boring myself so I will just give my rating and be done with this!
RATING: *----


  1. I will never read this book

  2. I enjoyed this book, mostly because I am very interested in medieval history. Reading about the views of the English when exposed to other cultures was interesting.

    1. I agree and I wish I wrote longer reviews back then!

  3. I share your grief, Amanda. This was terrible to get through. What I did understand behind the obsure old English were not things I wish to remember. Ugh.