Monday, March 4, 2013

72. Ivanhoe

Sir Walter Scott
Around 530 pages

All right, now I am really running out of time for these posts.  Damn Jane Austen personality quiz that got me off track (by the way I am an Elizabeth).

Ivanhoe is a romanticized version of Robin Hood.  Evidently, Sir Walter Scott was really obsessed with this guy, since this is what Rob Roy was about as well.  Anyway, be prepared for massive anti Semitism.  At least, on the part of the characters.  There is one "Jewess" named Rebecca who is actually portrayed in a positive light.

Sorry to make this so short as I really did enjoy this book.  It is very romantic and adventurous.  The bow and arrow scene is one of the most exciting scenes in literature.  Check it out!

RATING: *****

Interesting Facts:

Our idea of Robin Hood nowadays (dashing, heroic, etc.) is mostly due to Ivanhoe.

Historically accurate, for the most part.

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